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okay . . . papers have been pushed back, thank god


really as soon as i finish this, it'll be pie. just a few shorter papers, a couple've finals, and some loose ends to tie up.  i just really need to stop procrastinating.  grar

oh, and my personal stuff is all clear, now.  i feel so much better.  catharsis ftw

ps another couple wanted to have a three-way with me.  i really don't have much interest in a three-way, but  the consequential light conversation was . . . well, hilarity ensued
"cleo, where do you find these people?"
"they come to me. it's not egotism if it's true, right?"

disclaimer: i'm not actually very vain.  in fact, up until a couple years ago, i thought that i was really awkward and ugly, and i was never happy with my weight.  but all of a sudden, i came to like how i look, and it's a fantastic feeling.  i still watch what i eat, and i certainly don't think that i'm gorgeous . . . but sometimes i like to distort my confidence into vanity for comic relief

that, and my hormones tell me that i'm invincible, and it's a good feeling that i plan on riding until it gives out under me and i fall into a pit of elderly cynacism.  that's fine, right?

hokay, so. paper now!!!!
Just to keep myself in line

Edit Japanese 401 paper
Make vocab list for 401 paper
Rehearse for 401 presentation

Print shit for 401 presentation
Meet with 401 prof
Write > 6 pages of my 8-10 page Japanese history paper
(No 3 hour art class today! Yay!!)

Class (401 presentation)
Work on paper
Finish the Japanese history paper
Class (studio art presentation)

Class (turn in Japanese history paper)
Start English paper
Read for English
Content questions for 401 reading

. . . done (aka begin studying for finals)?

Not impossible, right?

i'm so stressed out. schoolwork, mostly. a little personal stuff, too, i guess. stuff that i want to ignore but need to address.

but i went around asking other people what shitty things were happening to them to make myself feel better, and i got:
grandma dying
long-term, long-distance break up
dad suing mom (post divorce)
at least 3 impossibly difficult assignments due in the next week

commiseration? emo outlook? bullshit. nothing like belittling your own problems until they go away. i'm not dying faster than anyone else. i'm 19, healthy, and engaged in higher learning.  better situation than almost everyone else, right?

time to hit the sack so that i can get an early start on my work tomorrow. i'm always less cynical in the morning. i really can't wait
Great news!  Only one more paper to put off.  I hope I have the willpower to finish start it by the end of the night!

In other news, the semester's coming to an end, and i have a few projects/papers yet:
1) surprise English paper of an unknown topic and undetermined length
2) presentation on yoshimoto banana's 七人の犯罪者 (very engaging short story. give it a whirl, if you're into that sort of thing)
3) 8-10 page japanese pre-modern history paper on the evolution of religion during the muromachi period

and finally, (drum roll, please)

4) full scale self-portrait of "yourself as a sexual being." must be realism in pencil, charcoal, pastel, or ink. must be drawn from a reflective surface (ie mirrors, no photos). ugh, i can't decide whether to take this seriously, laugh a little, laugh a lot, or question the prof's goals . . .

also: i tried bananas foster for the first time today, and while it utterly captivated at least three senses, it is now at war with my stomach. yuck . . . and it's time to write my pre-final English paper. wooooo!!!

Nov. 19th, 2008

Well . . . I've put off my hw again. yech. time to put it off a little longer

Signed up for classes! Wooo!!! I always get so excited for the start of new things.

winter term:
philosophy and lit <--Should prove to be fun, seeing as I'll be able to focus on philosophy instead of balancing it with a bunch of other courses.  I still wanted into that Evangelism in America course, though.  Bummer

spring term:
japanese 402 <--make it stop!!!
shakespeare and contexts
literary visions of nature: the sea <--I need to take another misc lit course to help fulfill my English and American Lit major, and this is taught by a favorite professor of mine.  He's a little bats, but I think that the best profs always are a tad off
"finding your voice" art class with artist in residence <--I'm particularly excited because as cheesy as it sounds, I've never gotten to develop my own style of drawing/sketching/cartooning, and And AND!!!  it's taught by (get this) Professor Fine.  That has a ring to it if ever I heard one

I got my couch today!!!  It's a little, chocolate-brown, futon-esque love-seat.  It's a little sad-looking, but very comfy, and I've already had 5 visitors :]

On another note, I'm thinking about dropping commas completely.  Not really a radical change, I s'pose

Books[/plays] I've read so far this semester:
Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini)
Confessions of the Lady Nijo
W;t (Margaret Edson)
King Lear
The God of Small Things (Arundhati Roy)
Life of Pi (Yann Martel)
The Bloody Chamber (Angela Carter)
Musui's Story (Katsu Kokichi)
the first 44 installments of The Sandman (Neil Gaiman)

Books I was supposed to read but didn't:
The Tale of the Heike
One Thousand Acres (Jane Smiley)

Hey, long time, no see.  God, I never update this thing anymore.  Well, the end of the term is nearly upon me, and I need something to put off work/ relieve my stress (counter-productive, no? but I'm young enough that I don't care)

Okay, so . . . life update.  Hm . . . quick bio

My name's Cleo, but I also go by Creo, or Rocket, depending on the company slash what color my hair is
I'm 19 and a half, wasian, 5'6", and going to school in New England.  Which would be infinitely sweeter if it were not snowy outside
I enjoy reading escapist lit, eating Japanese food, and doodling in class, so I'm a Literature and Japanese Studies major, Studio Art minor
I like warm weather, green tea, movies [with friends on futons when I really should be working and will pay for it later], and my entourage
I have two illegally bought turtles (love chinatown. love it love it love it) named Clem and Winston, after the late Churchills
I like but shouldn't like my college in the middle of nowhere, cloves, chocolate milk, and sitting around on my ass

I don't like long-distance relationships, living in the middle of nowhere, or the two papers I have to write in the next two days . . . nor do I like the prospect of having to pick up my mysterious sinkmate tomorrow from the airport.  On top of my papers.  Fucking 2 hour ordeal.  How very vexing.  How will I get all my work done???  Always the question.  

I'm going to Maryland for Thanksgiving.  Never been.  I trust it'll be an adventure based on the company: Bill, #1 space cadet.  Put the two of us together, and we epitomize the black sheep, those goddamn pot-smokin' liberals [minus the chronic in most foreseeable situations], picture of perfection.   Yup, I have no idea what we'll do in Maryland, but we won't need real entertainment to stay entertained :]

Too bad I can't get back to Seattle 'til xmas, though


Apparently thirteen schools are coming to Midd for a "world quidditch tourney" that is held tomorrow, including:

Vassar College
Amherst College
Green Mountain College
Carlow College
Emerson College
Chestnut Hill College
Boston University
University of Massachusetts
Ive's Pond College Club
McGill University
University of Washington <----wtf????
Lousiana State University
Princeton University

In addition to the actual quidditch playing, there are going to be barn owls, chem profs exploding things, live bands, a fully-equipped sports center, and stands from local restaurants for hot food.  What is going on?!!!

This is humorous because, as essentially the head of Midd Asian Student Org, they asked me if I wanted to cater.  They said that the publicity was going to be such an asset that they weren't going to pay for the catering and I should take it out of my club's fund.  I laughed.  I mean, even if I'd known, I wouldn't have done it: weird venue for recruiting.  But still.  Whoa.

omg emergency bourbon
please, someone else be as excited as i am about this. i can't be the last person on earth who still reads that comic

also: i'm going to boston tomorrow! yay! with my mom<3

also: i'm really pale. why was there so little sun this summer??? f that

also: i've made my friend swear to combine the alchomahols with teh classz0rz, second friday of jterm. thank you, cap't mo. and thank you midd for inventing jterm. i'm looking forward to the shenanigins already

also: i'm finally declaring. i'm so grown up and *everything*

also: the sandman and mah boyfriend are absolutly amazing (segregated, but especially together)

also: did i ever formally mention on this blog that my hair is bobbed and red? not important, but certainly amusing